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Pagan Parenting, Homeschooling & Education

Manager: odinsgift
Religion & Beliefs > Paganism
Does your site promote education of Paganism? If so, this ring is for you! For Pagans that Homeschool or Homestead both, or those that are on the quest to do so. Families of mixed religions also welcome. Please do not submit soley commercial sites - sites must have free educational pages available to the public.

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   Sacred Triskele Network Preview Go
A Celtic/Pagan/Dark site home to the "Creating New Pagan Family Traditions Chapbook" series, releasing May 5th, 2009. Main site has articles, book reviews, information, kids activities and more. The network is home to several other sites, linked in the main sidebar.

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   Asatru Ring Frankfurt Preview Go
Spiritual Asatru community, living with the Norse God/esses in the 21th century and sharing resources online. Articles and info for Asatru youngsters, their parents, teachers and relatives. Articles, Meditations, Prayers, Songbook, MP3 and lyrics online, childrenīs songs. Site bilingual German/English.
   Witch Next Door Preview Go
A page of non-Traditional Wicca and Witchcraft, laying out the designer's path while helping others find their own. Including information, definitions, and a sample Book of Shadows.

   Wiccan Studies - Information on the Wiccan Religion Preview Go
Information on the Wiccan Rede, Directions, Sabbats, Tools, Charge, Pentagram, and the Pagan Creed.
   TechnoMom's Place Preview Go
TechnoMom's Place is a personal site with articles about homeschooling, needlework; books and music we've enjoyed; RPGs; PCOS; RSIs; survivors of child abuse; size acceptance; and online harassment/cyberstalking.
   Lady Wolfs Den Preview Go
Family friendly site. Sweat lodge, drumming, smudging, poetry, Ravenwing Creations, Stones, animal totems, and much more.
   Pagan Parenting at The Wiccan Way Preview Go
A growing site of resources, poems, articles and ideas for the Pagan Parent. Check it out!
   Wiccan Adoption Resource Preview Go
A site for those Pagan/Wiccans interested in the adoption process in the US. This site focuses on domestic adoptions
   Columbine Goldweb's Little Corner of The Pagan Web Preview Go
A perpetually evolving site, focusing on pagan parenting. Includes pagan parenting links, as well as general pagan and personal. Check out my home business link on my personal links page!
   34th & Vine Gifts Preview Go
Wiccan and pagan information, learning. Also, storewith ritual supplies.

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