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Manager: systemrun
Here's the AutoREALM maps and symbols fan webring! Dedicated to supporting and promoting the use of AutoREALM, these sites display some maps made with this wonderful mapper and propose other various informations (Symbols, tutorials, Etc). AutoREALM is a Windows freeware cartographer published under a GNU licence.


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   RPG Library - AutoRealm Preview Go
An alternate download source for AutoRealm, hosted by RPG Library.
   AutoREALM Tutorials Preview Go
A collection of tutorials on how to draw maps using AutoREALM.
   Aldana Steel: 7th Sea Preview Go
Map section for a site dedicated to a 7th Sea campaign. Not all maps were created with AutoREALM, but those which were are clearly labelled. The islands, in particular, tend to be AutoREALM creations.

   AutoREALM Mailing-List Preview Go
To discuss all aspects of AutoREALM. Here's the actual link for all the fans who enjoy the free mapper. Get the soft, join in and map it up, guys!

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